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Some good news that HK won't tell you.

Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
I flew my Bixler 1.1 twice last week. Mixed results.

1. I lost communication at about 250 M which makes me nervous. This is a Rx-TX issue. I have the Tunigy 9X with their standard module. HK tells me that there are no other Rx's that will bind with this. So for now (unless someone knows better) I will have to stay close.

2. The wings came off on one flight (it was windy). I have a 4 sets of magnets, but this was not enought. I am going to use the screw holes, and try to create a sheer pin out of a bamboo skewer (perhaps split in half).

3. The other issue that I need to solve is cooling. My ESC is getting very hot. I do not really want to mount it on the outside. I want to cut air cooling intakes and exits to cool down the ESC.

Has anyone done this? Can you post pictures of your work so that I can learn from your experience. People have talked about spoon scoops. Any pictures appreciated.
1. What HK told you is not true. I have that exact same xmitter. I use the following receivers in 28 of my planes (21 6ch and 7 3ch). They all work perfectly.
3ch -
6ch -

2. You might try this method (which I designed several years ago):

3. Use an external BEC. That will solve your problem:

Happy Flying.
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