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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
I haven't read anything about OpenLRS (of use), but as far as I see the 9XR is the same processor/design etc as the 9X anyway.
ER9X has some DSM2/X stuff for it.... it is just the data stream format.
OpenLRS I don't know... possibly the same chance it can be done, unless the speeds are too high to process?

But the main thing is keeping an eye on those communities (OpenBlahBlah etc....) to see what it does of use, and which TXes they implement it on. But so far it seems 9X, 9XR, pretty well the same thing.
I would get a Sky9X board for a 9X (or 9XR if they can work in both) - plus keep an eye on stuff they are doing.
I was on the verge of buying that Sky9X board, but now need to sit and watch just a bit more to see what is going on overall. The modded 9Xes are all doing everything I need anyway... EXCEPT model memory, seeing most of mine are very complex and EAT memory per model. Changing the processor to a 128 would fix that, but changing that chip would be fun! Though it seems people are doing that ok. Or getting the Sky9X board also solves that (it has far more memory anyway).
I just bought 3 TXes to solve that (prob $60ea once all modded up)... LOL. A bonus is that I have spares to use then and there (not that I ever have needed one)..... and can let other people fly my planes with me sometimes too! (not the same plane of course LOL)
Agreed, the 9XR and Open LRS is so new that there's not much info available about it right now (Well, at least I don't know much about it!!!). The Open LRS Technology is designed for the FPV guys, and therefore has OOS range, but not likely I'd ever go there (But you never know...........).

I might pull the trigger on it out of curiosity (it's only 50 bucks), just because it would be fun to learn about and utilize someday..... Meanwhile, I'll also pick up a 9X to get things going, as it's already a mature product, and would be a much better option than my Futaba 7C which has limited mixes and programmability. I'll probably need to contact you with questions about updating and modding the Tx, if you don't mind?

Thanks for your input!

Regards, Dave

BTW, I've done surface mount IC soldering before, and it's NOT a trivial procedure..... You need really good soldering equipment, an illuminated desk magnifier, good eyes and a steady hand. But yes, it can be done!
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