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I guess it depends how much you are talking about. It is a long shaft attached to foam so while it doesnt droop, if you grab the end of the spinner there is a bit of "give" even after re-expoying my firewall.

When i was setting up the flaps i set up another switch to give me a "combat flap" setting with around 12* for flaps just for scale shits and giggles. Be interesting to see how it makes the plane fly and whether i end up ripping the flaps off trying to do turns with them down lol. I also tired to set up scale looking flap angles, so again it will be interesting to see how it flies with full landing flaps out. Unfortuantely there are massive wind and rain storms around at the moment, so i'm just finishing three models i have on the go atm.

I was just reading back and saw some comments on CG and i maidened mine at 105mm as per manual and it was not nice! Is the general concensus 95mm for the correct CG.

After reading Greg's posts i might try 4 x 4S 2200s too. 4S 2200 seems to be a good size to invest in.
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