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I just got to maiden my CC, and I just have to say - wow that is an awful prop that they supply the airplane with. It buzzed and vibrated something awful at basically any power setting.

As suggested I swapped a well balanced 5030 onto her and all those problems went away. To my amazement, I put the stock prop on my magnetic balancer and it was as well balanced as I could have made it. I don't know if the spinner was causing the imbalance or what, but my did it sound bad. I was worried the motor may shake loose.

One thing I noticed on each of my first two flights - it always wants to roll pretty hard to the left. I have to fly with continuous right pressure on the ailerons. Both times I plugged in and quickly set her on the ground until initialized. The second time I even did it indoors so I could be certain wind wasn't affecting it. Aileron & flap positions look correct while at rest - am I missing something?

On the stock 180 packs it looks like i can set a flight timer for ~7:00 - does that sound about right?
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