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I own and fly : HJ997, V202, X-4. All purchased from

V202- Dorky stock canopy. Best flying outdoors and indoors with a different canopy. Easy to see for older eyes. Nothing destroyed yet... not from the lack of hard impacts indoors. Did lose a prop under the frige when I smacked a wall. Replaced from spares that were included by Massive. As sturdy as the 997. Has 5 sensitivity levels. 20%, 40%. 60%, 80%, 100%. Each require progressively less stick movement. MY FAVORITE so far.

X-4 best agility but qestionably the most fragile of the three Needed mods before flying. Exposed wires for motors protrude below the protection of the landing legs which will be damaged by landings. Props need guards to prevent motor damage to end cap if and when the top hits first. Massive prop guard tip does the trick. Hardest to see outdoors. Non standard transmitter design...looks stolen from video game controller. Trim buttons hard to activate eyes off. Smallest size it is hardest to maintain orientation past 50 feet. Seems super quick, although it might just be an illusion due to it's very small size. This is the one I fly most conservatively indoors and out mainly because the spares were not yet available when I made the original purchase.

997- Extremely sturdy and best of the three to repair. I destroyed a motor being a doofus. Replacement motor/arm/LED came in two days and was the easiest repair I've ever made on aflying machine. Best self stabilizing machine of the three. It's perhaps too self stabilizing? Center the ail/ele stick and it stops forward or sideward movement with a small flourish. Two levels: beginer and expert. Great first step into Mini Quads.
gentle ben is online now Find More Posts by gentle ben
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