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Originally Posted by MalcolmS View Post
Got to maiden my VisionAire and all I can say is WOW!! Great plane that flies on rails and twists and turns just as you want it. Have managed short hovers high up (not brave enough to do them low down) and had lots of other fun with knife edges, inverted flying and harriers all very easy with this plane. Have a couple of observations though- I think the battery is not man enough for the plane. At full throttle and in a breeze the motor starts stuttering a bit which I suspect is the AS3X kicking in. I had the same problem with the Beast 3D and its stock 180mAh battery which struggled soon as the servos twitched all the time due to the AS3X. Problem went away with a 300mAh battery. So I want to try this either with a 30C 2200mAh batt or a 3000mAh batt to see if there is any difference. It didn't spoil the flight was just a worrying noise at full throttle almost like an unbalanced prop but on the ground (where the AS3X was not running) the motor was fine at full throttle. Another observation is that the battery loops are too far apart. With the batt all the way forward or all the way back only one loop can reach the battery. Ok there is hook and loop tape to but on the battery which would help but I hadn't done that. Oh a final observation is that after a few hovering touch downs the undercarriage is spreading out and now needs bending back and my landings weren't that hard
However these are small quibbles as I love this plane so thanks Quique and Parkzone for making it!!!
QQ explaned about loops a couple pages back,,,,one is enough
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