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Originally Posted by gvdl1 View Post
I'm just testing out the A9 and 9 ch receiver before hooking up everything in my plane and have a dumb question.
When I set up a model and transmit I'm hooking the battering (4 AA cells) to the receiver.
Red lights are on but receiver voltage showing on the transmitter still says zero volts.
Does not matter if I use the batt or SPC connection on the receiver. Trasmitter shows firmware version 1.8.
Not sure of which firmware is in the module.
Any ideas or do I have to connect a lipo as source battery. Thanks all.
Is this a new system or an older system with a new 9ch transceiver?
All new systems have ID-Setup completed at time of packaging/receipt.
Transceiver voltage will not show on the A9's screen until:
1. The link has been completed correctly.
2. If no separate SPC lead is connected to the Power Pack, the SPC plug must be inserted.
3. "(4 AA cells)" Fresh Alkaline AA or fully charged NiMH/NiCD with voltage (under load) above 4.5v.

There are now three different methods of completing the ID_Setup, depending upon
which firmware is in the A9, module and transceiver, please refer to:
. AFHSS - ID_Setup (also known as Binding or Linking) & Range Test Procedure for
........Aurora 9, Spectra 2.4Ghz Module <> Optima Transceiver or Minima Receiver.

At the top of the page is a link to a quick reference page for the latest firmware,
full page shows the different procedures for earlier combinations.

If you have an HPP-22, suggest the firmware in your A9, Module and 9ch be checked and updated:
. Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer - Manual, FAQ - How to Install & Use
..(includes Screenshots & Current Firmware Versions for all related Units).

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links (quick search = Ctrl+F)
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