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Burned out 12v Camera while connecting to 12v Source?


I have recently joined this forum as I am building a wheeled Radio-Control robot.

I ordered a camera similiar to this on ebay:

It claims to take 9v-12v input, and comes with a mains adapter with a barrel connector. When I received the camera I connected it using a 12v charger I had (the suppplied one used the wrong kind of plug). This worked perfectly fine, I got a picture on my computer using a USB capture card.

I then cut the barrel connector off of the end of the power cable and connected it to a 12v battery (which was actually from a cordless drill), making sure to match the correct polarities.
Unfortunately, a component on the camera then glowed red hot and released the "magic smoke" as they say. Before I spend more money on another camera, I need to know why this happened.

Connecting a 12v camera to a 12v source shouldn't cause a problem, should it?

I did some research on this particular camera, and apparently the camera itself only takes 3.3-6v but there is a voltage converter board connected to it which takes 12v and reduced it. The manual for the camera specifies 3.3-6v, but the box and the ebay listing specifies 12v, so I assumed the manual referred to a version of the camera without that voltage converter board.

Is it possible I received the wrong camera? Or the voltage converter was faulty? It was a component on that voltage converter board that burned out. Is it worth asking for a refund?

Thanks for any advice!
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