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CX2 problem after crash - coupling between aileron/elev and little forward flight

I smacked by CX2 into a tree limb and broke both lower blades. Replaced them and now it ain't flying like it used to. Seems to be some coupling as in, when I try to give forward elev it wants to go right, and there is very little forward movement in elev. The whole bird just feels wacked and I am looking it over. There does seem to be a lot of "slop" with these blades where they connect on the shaft, maybe thats normal. What else could have got broken, out of adjustment? It appeared to be just the blades broke. Swash looks level to me.
It was flying great before.
Maybe someone take a look at my video and see if you spot anything? I am not totally familiar with CX2 yet only had it for a short while. (the video is reverse since it was done from this macbook). Thanks a lot!

Blade CX2 servo/links/swash issue (1 min 17 sec)
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