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Originally Posted by Kazu-kaku View Post
SlowHawk2 with Articulated wings Turn system

A conclusion:
Unfortunately, by this system, it is difficult to change direction.
Ornithopter can not turn.
Hi Doctor,
First thanks for the experiment ,the video and all the efforts!
I have watched the video few times and there is my thoughts:

1. I think that it is evident there is not slight but pretty strong tendency of turning right by some reasons which will analyze later.

2. There is almost no difference with the plate fixed in the center and fixed to the right .

3.When the plate is fixed to the left the system ornithopter - test stand behave strange .First start to turn left and after all the system achieve a good amplitude of shaking, it change the direction of turning to the right again? The last one I think is evident as well.

I think that there is some mechanical reason for such a system's behavior related to the system's shaking and mechanical instability. From what I see on the video only fastening clamp is evidently offset to the left . Probably it act like pendulum and precession force push the test stand to the right .Bigger amplitude on left wing is also possible in result of the shaking and twisting of the stand beam on which the clamp and the ornitopter are fastened.

Probably there are additionally stand leveling issues as well.

So IMO the experiment isn't absolutely pure and it's early to conclude that this new system isn't work.

Mr. Velkov opinion make sense as well and probably in the air without test stand influence the ornithopter will behave different .

I will suggest one more time the same experiment with the clamp mounted backwards.
Also if you still want to experiment it(I don't want to press you in any way) , make this ornithopter to fly first by the articulation system only and after that try this new turning system . This way you will be sure that the ornithopter generate symmetric thrust forces before starting experimenting with the new turning system.

One more time thank you for everything you do and you are the fastest model builder experimenter I have seen ever .
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