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Originally Posted by litespeed View Post
Really? Should I have started the first reply with, "Sorry to bother you sugar pie ....." I explained my initial "knee-jerk" reaction but any thing I did after the fact does not in anyway shape or form release the seller/shipper/money taker from liability for said product. Do you really think I need to video tape the unboxing of every private online purchase I make? How about every online seller taking responsibility for his or her actions? I always have and always will. I can't believe with the info I have given in anyway incriminates me for anyone to think more info is needed. Lets put it into cave man terms.
Him....I sell these
Me......I want these...I send money
Him....I send you these
Me......I get broken these not be nice so you keep

Kinda makes a person think how could it possibly be my fault other than trusting the wrong person?


I am not saying there are any RULES here, just saying if I get a box and it looks like that, I whip out the video camera, before I ever start to open it. Just for a cover my type thing.

Anyways, again, here is that self righteous attitude, I was talking about. I can already tell you, that with this attitude , I and many other sellers would be far less likely to be helpful. I said it and others did too, it is very hard to tell what the issue is in your pictures. I am not seeing near the damage you claim in your first post. I cant judge what it is you received, as I do not know what the pictures and description were in the original ad.

I nor anyone said what you said in emails released the seller of any responsibility, of what is his responsibility. But when you accuse him first of sending the product in a known damaged state, then later say it was due to a damaged package, I myself am not sure what/who you are blaming.

Anyways, start a thread about a transaction, and you are going to get peoples opinion on the subject, using the given information. But then to tongue lash at me or anyone else for that opinion, in the way you just did, has said more than you realize.

Enjoy your hobby. I hope whatever part of your transaction was not correct, gets corrected. However I think you are going to have to change your approach before that happens. Let's not forget you purchased used goods. These were not purchased new, and should not expect them to look new, unless stated in the ad, that they are new. Compare the pictures you had of the ad, to your product you received, since you have not allowed us to do so, and try to do that "level headed". If you approach that with "I got shafted" , you will find things that are not really there.
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