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Originally Posted by AerialSkyCam View Post
There would not be a petition to write to the FAA if it was totally legal.

Here is a link that you can write to the FAA and plead your case to them.

As far as Statute, it is the wording of the FAA, and you have to read between the lines. My only suggestion would be call your local Detroit FAA office, and tell them you want to fly commercially.

Tell them your business is iTV in Detroit, and that you fly over construction sites and get paid for it.

If you want, I can send the FAA the iTV Detroit, Harry Arnold,, information to help assist and get you in the air.

As I stated earlier, I am here to help.
You are a fear monger. I am not afraid of you. I am in the air without your 'help'. (despite it really). that must be what you don't like about me.
You as a citizen can tell the FAA anything you want. I WORK WITH ALL AUTHORITIES HERE IN DETROIT.
We share a airport hanger with the tuskegee airmen for our indoor winter flying.
i corespond with: Homeland Security, Mayor Bing, Local Airport (FAA), regional (michigan) UAV-NAS integration board & testing site selection commitee.
I dont need to call anyone that I am not in touch with already.
Maybe you call yourself "telling on me"....but 'They' know already.

Please tell people when your opinions come from 'between the lines'. instead of representing them as facts.

my most recent work :

i shot edited and scripted this ad. I also did some of the flying and flew the AP chase quad for shots of the "actor drone".
Been in the business 25 years.

This is something i did publicly with Homeland Security :

video channel (not a fail):
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