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Give a smart guy specious information on a subject outside of his area of expertise and he'll look just as dumb as the rest of us. LOL

Thanks for the Googl books link, Kevin

Originally Posted by kcaldwel View Post
It was based on Bernoulli's principle only, without understanding circulation. It was a very poor airfoil! It was called the "cat's back airfoil", and the theory was it would work like a venturi, and generate lift at zero angle of attack, without the other side or a plate down the axis of symmetry. The top was intended to generate suction, the bottom to generate pressure, all with low drag.

It was tested at Gottingen, and even flown. The flying characteristics were described as being like "a pregnant duck".

There are a few pages about it in this book, starting on Pg. 3 I think:

The coordinates were lost during bombing in WW2.

There is a good description in the "Enigma of the Airfoil", by David Bloor, which I got for Christmas. I've really enjoyed reading the book which goes through the entire history of the development of wing and and airfoil theory in Britian and Germany from the 1800's to 1930.

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