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I want to buy orange openlrs tx module+ rx and conect it to my Aurora 9. I made a little research about it and found out it is possible to draw ppm from the Aurora 9; this serms to be the pin's layout in the module conector:
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PPM suppose to be on pin 5.
This info comes from this thread:
Does this looks ok? Should be able to make a suitable conector to the openlrs tx module?
Another question - does the power pin (RF+) on the transmitter gives a standart voltage on all transmiters, or should I check if my transmiter output voltage on that pin suits the openlrg tx module? If it isn't a fixed standart voltage- which voltage does the openlrs tx module requires?
Lasst question - I have an FTDI-to-USB conector from AliExpress which is labeled 3.3v/5v:
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How can I know what voltage it gives? Any idea how to switch between 5v to 3.3v? No manual was attached to it... Is it ok for flashing openlrs tx module and rx?
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