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Originally Posted by Edubarca View Post
CAD is cold, sterile, and has no human feelings or warmth, I still prefer hand drawings. I just dislike CADS drawings. They are good for architect or engineering plans but not for model airplanes.
Kinda depends on how you look and intrepid the drawing. After scanning all those magazine plans several months ago, while cleaning the scan you could see where the person that drew the original for the magazine had "tapped" there pencil or smudged a line. After removing the "junk" these drawings POPPED. Same thing happens in CAD with a sterile background resulting in less interference to the eyes resulting (IMHO) a more accurate model.

The other big plus, I have over 4000 designs and if they were all hard copy I would literally be tossed to the street by my wife, no place to store that much paper. 4000 drawings is just a tic on my 4gig net drive and if I need a hard copy my Calcamp takes about fifteen minutes for the largest I've ever plotted.

CAD is also ideal for laser cutting as cutting by hand is almost out of the formula anymore. Nothing like having laser cut leading and trailing edges cut for that elliptical wing or spars cut that just drop in to align the ribs where hand cut would just not cut the mustard.

So, all in all, both have there place in design as I wouldn't want to go to a work site and not be able to see all the drawings laid out on a on a table for reference, however I like to be able to turn on and off layers to get a better picture of the entire project.
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