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Originally Posted by thechannelmast View Post
i have read every thing nobody talk about how to fix ziggy line in plans when you resize them here is a sample im trying to fix thanks for any help
If your scanning use a higher resolution at the bare minimum 300 dpi with 400 to 600dpi for best results. Anything more you're just adding information to the file you don't need. Don't scan in color instead scan in gray scale then import into Photo Shop ( or GUMP ) and adjust your contrast and brightness. Straighten the image and then posterize. Using your paint brush clean up what ever needs to be cleaned in the image. Finally, enlarge to your desired scale and convert to Black and White. ( Not necessarily in that order )

That's about it in a nutshell. There are several tutorials on how to do it in this thread and also on theouterzone. It take practice to get a good drawing from a scan and depending on the drawing it can take anywhere from several minutes to several days to clean to a useful design.

Don't expect your results to look like PlaneMan's the first several tries as it again takes practice through trial and error on your settings and how you manipulate the scans.
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