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Thanks for all the info and well wishes guys, I appreciate it.

He has 44 good trader ratings. I should prolly have over 100 but most forget to leave it. His was better than mine here on rcgroups. I thought he was an upstanding appears I was wrong.

I wondered about the USPS shipping part and feel that with the really bad packing this could have ended in a really bad way. I would have never guessed someone could be so careless with so much energy.

The original post had pictures of them sitting side by side. They all looked good. At this point I don't think he intentionally sent me crap. I believe his really crappy packing job was pure negligent and he should stand behind the whole cost of reimbursement including shipping.

As far as the damage goes the one "taco-ed" pack is actually crushed in pretty good. If you have ever had one you know the kinda snap back but the depth of the wrinkles shows the real story.

It's also hard to show the puffiness of the batteries. I have seen worse but I expected none.

IR is so relative to everything else like connectors, length of wire and these have different connectors then I have. I need to change them out to EC5s or Deans ultras to check them.

If I don't resolve this in the up coming week I'll expose his name and the original post including poor detailed feedback so this hopefully will warn others to stay away. I really wish he would just man up, quit playing the "your mad at me so I'm mad at you game" and learn from this whole situation. I would!

Thanks again everyone.

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