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Originally Posted by amrmatt View Post
Im going to rock the boat a little. I bought the pro RXR last week. Spent 45 bucks on thier batterys, 15 on props, and 5 on deans. This plane flew only a few minutes esc toasted it self. Both Ares and HobbyTown refused to stand behind it.. I put this plane on the curb this evening with the garbage. I wont spend a dime on hobby town branded products again. And if ANY other store has what I need I will do my best not to shop there any more. If someone hurrys the can did thru my trash for it before morning. The wing isnt there because it didnt make it, but theres a full unharmed fuse there.
So now, Amrmatt, you are out $100 for the cost of the plane.
I understand "the point" of the matter being that as a consumer, one shouldn't have to put up with defective products or with lousy customer service. And obviously you stand by that point and now are you are going up to people and telling them to buy anything but a Gamma...because of the service you received and the seemingly defective nature of the product.
As I said earlier, what's done is done. But I surmise that for less than $30 you could have gotten yourself a new ESC and some white duct tape, foam safe CA and taped up that wing and that Gamma of yours, while looking a pinch ghetto, would be up in the air thrilling you as it has with the rest of the followers of this thread.
Yes, you shouldn't have to replace something barely used.
Should Ares/HobbyTown given you a new wing? I don't know...If every Tom, Dick and Harry that came in and said they wanted a new wing because their plane crashed due to ESC/connector/battery/linkage/rubberband/glue/CG failure and not pilot error, then they wouldn't make any money and thus one could see their reluctance to so quickly hand out new wings.
This hobby REQUIRES a bit of of resourcefulness to solve problems to get you what you want, which is to fly your plane.
By doing what you have done I feel you've alienated your local HobbyTown and Ares, instead of doing what was necessary to get your Gamma in the air. The plane would have cost you $130 instead of $100 but now you are out the $100 AND the plane.
Too much of a knee jerk emotional response to a situation that could easily have been resolved through other means.
I guess what I'm saying is that you should have checked with us here at the forum before pitching your perfectly good repairable Gamma.
Oh, well. Live and learn.
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