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Originally Posted by whiskykid View Post

even though its a few dollars more, its here in the states, and only 5 bucks shipping!(they just up'd free shipping from 50$ ta 100$ )

its what I use on most my models, including my 50cc extra 260! and if you get a couple extra recievers, you can get your order over a c-note! and get ya free shipping!

I have had no problems with hobbypartz or any of there sister comps! usualy get your order in 3 days if you order tue's afternoon
Oh, one other question, is Flysky radio they are selling now the newer one that has the nub on top and the antenna as a removable module coming out of the back or is it the one they show in the video? I dont' want the one they show in the vid, I want the newest one and I see it at a few other places for a little more... Could you please let me know if the ones you got from them are the newer ones or the one in the vid?



The part number ends with R9B so I'm assuming it is the latest version but I've learned not to assume lol...

Also, what receiver batteries get used nowadays for these newer radios? Still 4.8 nicads like my old Futabas or is it some crazy LiFe battery? Or either?
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