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Total "noob" looking for advice on first plane

Hello, all! I'm thinking of getting into RC planes, and I've been eyeballing some of the slow/park flier models. Right now I'm seriously considering the Graupner Tipsy , due to the fact that hobby-lobby has a full setup (radio and all) for $255 USD, and they're claiming flight times as long as 30 minutes. (From the review I've read @ e-zone, it's more like 10-20, but still, that's pretty good from what I've read) I had also been eyeballing the "Chubby Lady" , since H-L is offering "Crash insurance" for a buck. (You get a replacement kit for 50% off if you auger it in.) I had given the "*-Stick" models a glance, but I'm not sure they'd be tough enough for the wind around here. What did anyone else here break in on? Any suggestions for different planes?

One other question is, with a pretty tame parkflyer, is it possible to learn to fly solo or do you still suggest a more experienced pilot be around to tell the noob when he's about to turn his craft into a crater?

Thanks in advance!
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