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Originally Posted by DaOldGuy View Post
Caution..... Minor rant of overall disappointment.
I find the drama of the summer events (sort of seen it coming) is some what depressing. All of the King 50 assumptions and changes, what it could be verses what it should be. FLI dates, on dates of huckfest. Huckfest loosing its sponsor and picking up aeroworks. Huckfest had a cap of 12 events last year, looks like they only got around 6 this year. All of the discontent towards the FG forum, and RCG too I guess, from the venders/sponsors.

I guess things have to change, but when they work and are fun, it sux to see politics and such take the hobby out things.
End of rant.

On the upside we have a busy year already starting. Indoor fly tomorrow and we have a visitor coming from Brazil who is visiting Penn state that found us on the web. Spikesfest (local baseball team) is having us do static display and flying demos at there yearly indoor event in a Huge sports complex. We have a weekend mall show center stage main entrance feb 22 and 23. 3dates planned for the Spikes games including the season opener. Our yearly open fun fly (like Daniel came by for) is July 28-30 if anyone is up for camping in the area. We still have our late summer event to plan yet to.

All and all it's working, we are up 5 new members and new blood coming in is so much fun and great for the club.

I hope all of you have a great time this year. It's not a hobby, if its not fun.
I must be lucky (or stupid), I've seen these posts about other forums, about FG, and so on. I have no idea what anyone else is talking about. The only other forum I can think on is RCuniverse? I didn't like it. So I check in here. FG's is cool because they have some extreme stuff in there. Also seem to be a little bit more laid back on the moderating. Seems all the bases are covered here. Not sure what politics could happen on a web forum, but then again I guess I'm not that deep into the forum.
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