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Today I was waiting all afternoon for the call from the trucking company, which had my solar panels on the truck.
Delivery between noon and sunset.
Nothing much you can do about it, but wait.

So I built the spreader.
3/4 inch copper union and 1/2 inch flat brass, was the starting material.
First I had to mark what I think is a proper place for the attachments on the hull and than look at a enlarged picture in thet PDF.
The Spreader is not very large, small. It is all guess work and what I think will work. Acording to the picture one line, the one without the Spreader, comes down parallel to the mast, front, the spreaders line goes to rear, countering the front pull.
So the spreader had to angel away from the mast.
Since the spreader is rather smallish, I decided it would be half the distance between anker on the hull, form the middle line of the hull.
Drew it all up on the hull, than placed some transparent paper over it, drew the lines I had guessed, ran it through the copier and cut a template.
Transvered it to a alu plate on which I would do the soldering.. Threw 20 fits placing the materials and soldered them in place.
The panels came in I unloaded them.
Than finished the spreader.

I still have to drill the holes for the lines.
Schrott is online now Find More Posts by Schrott
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