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Sig offers two 1/4-scale versions of the Piper J-3 Cub. A standard (or full) wingspan, and a replica of Hazel Sigafoose's clipped-wing J-3 Cub. The wingspans are 105" for the standard (two-piece wing) and 86" for the clipped-wing (one-piece wing).

I have a Sig 1/4-scale Clipped Wing J-3 kit. I was tossing around the idea of building the wing as a two-piece wing, so I ordered a set of plans for the standard Cub featuring the two-piece wing. I can tell you that the main differences between these two kits is the clipping of the wings and the two-piece versus one-piece wing. The fuselage plans are identical. I don't know why Sig didn't just depict the clipped-wing modification on the plans instead of offering two kits.

I checked my plans, and I can tell you that what you have there is not a Sig kit. The biggest tell-tale for me are the pics of the fuselage interior from the cabin looking rearward. Your plane has one-piece (ply?) fuselage formers, and the Sig's are framed-up formers - very distinct top and bottom.

Before someone brings-up Balsa USA its not a BUSA kit either. Wing attachment is very different.

The challenge in getting third or forth-hand model is identification, unless its a popular model that has been out there for a while. The thing about building, even from a kit, is that the builder can take as much creative license as they want. Some builders can decide they don't like a particular wood type or style of fuselage formers and make their own. Not sure of you're going to recover the plane, but there may be more clues if you do. If not, get it airworthy and go and enjoy it.

By the way, that 91 is *very* light - unless it runs like a 1.20.

How much does this model weigh?

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