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Originally Posted by JussiH View Post
Me too..

I use this to brew the "midnight oil" - best damn coffee youŽll ever get...its 01:15 here now - SebastianJ and me is working on the Gopro3 version and putting on another pot in 5 mins

LOL ! I killed a bag of Senseo coffee doses in just one day, cracking up the second one..

Working on Skype with Dave on the Go pro 3 gimbal also, we change little things this and there and make some tries..

We might take the bet NOT to align the lens on the roll axis, because this is the frame that moves and when the gimbal is hard mounted even with dampeners, the alignment seems not to add or remove any performances, as the support of the roll anyway moves circular in the space around the mount point and CG of frame..

We made many tests on large gimbals ( standard ones) with big reflex and cameras and the lens was always completely misaligned with the roll rotation axis, and never had any troubles so far.

Yeah ok i understand myself, this would simply allow us to leave the connectors side fully accessible..

Thierry will kill us monday morning loool !

Ah.. coffee time and Dave is getting excited on Skype...

have fun guys, the first going to bed owes a beer to the other team ))
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