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Originally Posted by theothercliff View Post
A wild guess is that you don't have enough "I" gain on yaw. That is exactly what "I" gain is for.
Yes. And dont forget the limits. It is my understanding the limit controls the percentage of power dedicated to each function. If anyone can explain exactly what it does I would love to hear it. On my first quad I had these issues, as well as the climb and descend when yawing. High P,I and limit on the yaw function will help cure the issue if it is not a physical problem. Increase all until it starts to climb when yawing and then back them off a little also increase stick scaling on yaw as well. You probably wont get any yaw oscilation from High "P" gain, when the "I" gets too high you may notice the 2 of the motors rev quite high when you resease the rudder stick and the quad will climb a little. If the quad climbs quickly when yawing, the limit may be a little too high. Give that a crack and let us know how you go.

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