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- that the charger has a discharge function (you can't charge to storage capacity if the battery has more than capacity charge),

Agreed. Not a common feature when the Cellpro10s was released but it is now. Later FMA models such as the Cellpro10XP and the Powerlabs do have this feature.

- that you can charge without balancing leads connected (not a problem for me so far),

Agreed, but only on 1s. For anything above 1s, the charger should be connected to all cells for safety reasons. Not just to get the cell count right (an automatic feature you get for free) but also to detect cell issues and abort the charge or step down to safety charge mode. Many lipo fires have one thing in common, a balance connector was not used.

- that the menu is more convenient - you have to cycle through all the settings to get to the point that you missed,

Agreed. Addressed in the Powerlab line.

- and it should be mentioned in the manual that automatic charging can be inaccurate and dangerous (it may be common sense, but some - including me - lack it ).

There was a significant warning and detailed explanation of this on FMA web site on the Cellpro10s. Additionally there was a firmware upgrade to limit the max amps in auto mode. Sorry that you missed both.
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