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Originally Posted by chuckman49 View Post
Thanks man! I was playing with the balance a bit last night and decided to move the battery back a bit. It ended up quite a ways farther back than I was expecting! Balances perfect now.
...most definitely believing...

You're on the right track. The Peaks also has, well "had" for me, two hatches & the battery floor extends well beyond the battery bay that's accessed by the first or forward hatch. The battery bay is also much taller to allow the pack to easily move under the forward wing strut. This also moved the CG aft of where the manual states. When I was flying her regularly, & I'd say I got about 40+ flights on her before her demise, I was continually shifting the pack rearward. After awhile, only about 1/2 of the battery was visible after I got the CG set to my liking. I know, different ship but it seems the same thing is happening with this here Devil, too...

Seems like this lil' Devil should've been designed the same way. It should have a lower & longer length factory battery shelf so the pack could pass easily under the forward wing strut. This would've allowed more flexibility for establishing the pilot's preferred CG & for possibly using larger mAh packs if so desired... I'm not an expert with this Bipe's CG (yet...) but after flying her already & doing the battery bay mod beforehand, IMHO of course, this ship will always be nose heavy in stock form, meaning no battery bay mod & not adding ballast to the tail, using the recommended 4S 2200mAh packs...

Originally Posted by pullup! View Post
chuckman, nice job on the battery tray! That battery is sure back there!
+1 on both of those comments. I can almost guarantee the pack needs to extend under the forward wing strut to get this ship to balance out properly. I really think the manual is much too conservative with the spec'd CG. At least I think so. It'd be fine for sport flying but that's about it...

How's your lil' Devil coming along? Making any progress in getting her assembled? Like to hear how D2 is taking shape...
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