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Originally Posted by VENOMOUSDUCKY View Post
Hello, I have been out of the hobby a while and decide to build myself a quad. Has anyone had problems with yaw drift? I have tried to research this problem, but only come up with tri yaw issues. Here is a pic of my set up, I am wondering if it has something to do with board placment.
I imagine that drift of any sort is usually one of two things:
- gyros not calibrated properly, this could come from moving the copter while the gyros are initializing / calibrating
- not enough "I" gain

Let us know what fixed it so that we can pass info along. (This goes for all problems. )

Also, I can imagine that the unequal length of your arms could result in different power applied for leveling which might be fighting the yawing.

Also, also, ideally you would measure all the motor distances and angles from the CG and use some trig to come up with slightly different numbers to go into the mixer editor.
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