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I think there is some truth to your theory.Its my understanding that more or less all natural gas has some helium.The rub is that many have such a small percentage that the bean counters wont justify recovery unless there is a healthy enough profit margin.IMO what needs to happen at this point is to install recovery equip regardless of the margin of profit.There are some things in many industries that are this way.You do it because it is the right thing to do regardless of bottom line.
When it comes to limited resources and profit margins many times it takes a mandate to make the right thing happen.
This concept is fairly obvious in agriculture.Even less obvious in others.What generally happens though is that the small guys get pinched out of the equation and the huge operations find a way to absorb the increased costs and pass it on.
This is kind of a political question more than practical one and can turn into a huge argument so its probably better to just leave it be and work with what we have to work with.
The bottom line is that (for whatever reasons) demand has outstripped supply and we are all in a pinch.It wasnt my intention to try putting out a fire with gasoline.
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