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The best grade gas is utilized in medical and in welding. Balloon grade gas does have a percentage of air in it and definitely is noticed. One of the ways we save helium is partially inflating the ship with helium until it lifts the vehicles with everything on board including about eight ounces of ballast. At that point we use a small pump to pump air into the envelope until it smooths out and fully inflates. The new balloons leak very little and we may go 4/5 games before any helium has to be added. Due to varience of temperatures in the buildings especially you may have to add air to fill the balloon back out especially if you are working hockey and basketball venues in same building. Just something that happens and not to worry. If the below becomes to heavy burping is a common correction. Nose is held high for several minutes to let gas to go to top of balloon and then the aft plug is removed and let the balloon vent the heavy air out. After a couple of minutes of venting the envelope is again filled to shape with helium and life goes on. Just part of business. Once in a blue moon you may have to empty the vehicle and refill from the beginning. Its rare but we have had it happen. Just part of doing business. One of the funny ways the guys use to burp is to run a tube about five foot long to the bottom of the balloon and hook that up to a vac. He then fires it off and let it pull the air out of the bottom of the balloon. Every couple of minutes he will take a snort of the outgoing air and speak, if voice is squeaky he continues until it is not. Also the pump will run higher when drawing helium out instead of air and it can difinitely be heard when the pump speeds up. Now that all the tricks you get from me today. As the man said "It works for me".
Ed Couch is online now Find More Posts by Ed Couch
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