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Originally Posted by JLink125 View Post
I spun mine up for the first time and its doing a really weird wobble, it seems fine when I have the main blades off, I can run it up and there is a vibration but it doesn't seem bad and smoothed out at higher RPM. Here's the weird part, when I put the main blades on I can run it up to almost half throttle then it starts to occilate on its's kind of like the toilet bowl effect in hover except still in the ground. I've spent several evenings setting all the linkages, checking my pitch angles, making sure travel is the same, and just about everything else I can possibly do. I'm running Curtis Youngblood blades and I've made sure they're balanced, I did change the head dampers with the align firm grey ones and also installed the plastic sleeve between the dampers, my buddy thinks this could be the problem, maybe running the sleeve is causing the head to increase even the smallest vibration since now the head is basically solid? Please help!
Did you lube the feathering spindle? Does it turn relatively easily if you use a hex key on the bolt? I presume the blade bolts aren't too tight - I tighten them just enough to support the weight of the blades when the mainshaft is horizontal. Do you have another set of blades you can try? If not, check for different spanwise C of G in the blades - try the Finless Bob style balance whereby you match the C of G's then do a conventional prop balance and add tape at the C of G of the lighter blade. It's a bit of a long shot but you never know....
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