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It's true that they have been covered well in these threads, but like the OP I currently only have a coax and still consider myself a novice flier.

Having said that, the bug has bitten me hard and I wish to explore more of what is out there, quads included.

There are even a few threads that compare these quads and some even go into some detail. Some of them are also a little old. I am targeting more toy-based quads rather than the hobby-grade quads from a cost perspective (initial ownership and costs over time). From my own reading, I have narrowed down my own list to:

Syma X1
Hubsan X4

My main criteria are:

- Reasonably stable for newer fliers
- Multiple modes to adapt to increased piloting skills
- Decent crash survivability
- Availability of parts, preferably stateside or from the more reliable suppliers in China
- I like "blinky lights"!
- Reasonable cost
- Good indoor flyer but can handle outdoors

Here are my conclusions so far:

Syma X1
- Very reasonable cost
- Syma generally has good parts availability
- Lacking in the "blinky lights"
- Resilient in crash

Hubsan X4

- Reputed to be best flier for aggressive pilots
- Poor crash survivability without mods
- Very compact, so probably better indoor flier
- Compactness makes some repair work challenging
- Decent but not great parts availability

- Reputed to be solid platform
- Has a tendency to do undesirable flips in 100% mode - not an issue with earlier versions
- A little pricey (except through banggood)
- Good "blinky lights"!
- Has 9x (programmable transmitter) compatibility (not so big for me now)

- Reputed to best combination of stability and performance (among these four)
- Very new, so availability might be lacking, especially parts
- No 9x compatibility
- Needs better canopy (others will fit)
- Daddy digs "blinky lights"

Right now, I am liking the V202 the best with the Syma X1 a close second because it is a lot less expensive (but I miss those darn "blinky lights"!). I am not afraid of adding my own LED's as there is a lot of guidance in these forums -- which I will need. Wire them in parallel and use the right resistors. The V202 availability and reasonable pricing from massiveRC (stateside and east coast!) makes it a very attractive option.

Not 100% there yet, but those are my observations so far based on all that I have read. I am sure that the more experienced fliers will correct any inadvertent errors on my part in this writing.



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