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Originally Posted by WendoNZ View Post
As far as TX, I'd get the 9x and flash it with er9x or open9x. Cheap radio with more features than anything twice it's price.

If you're set on HK, I'd start with an SK450 frame. They are sturdy, all parts are available. You don't have to worry about getting the motor mounts straight (like you would on the Talon) and you can get a power distribution bottom plate for a couple of dollars making wiring that much easier. Some 20 or 30A ESC's, some 1000kv motors and some 9x4.5 slow fly props and a KK2 and you're away. It's all cheap so you can crash it and destroy parts without it costing too much, and it'll teach you how to fly.

Once you can fly it, you can either convert it using the dead cat conversion and put a camera on it, or just replace the whole thing. By then you'll know what you want/need, you'll know how to fly so you won't have to be as concerned about breaking parts and you can add a frsky JR module to get the range you want
I checked out the SK450, is this the one you are suggesting?

Price looks good, guess I could build a cheaper one for now to learn how to fly a larger one and then move to a Bumblebee 550 quad (The Bumblebee is a good one correct? I love the way it looks too!)

So considering the DX6i is great for my current MQX, should I buy the DX6i , and if I do will it work well with the SK450?

Or do you still suggest the 9x over the DX6i and if you do can I use the 9X on the MQX quad?

THANK YOU GUYS for the help so far. My thread has not received a lot of advice and I just wanted to say thanks again to those of you helping me out here.
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