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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
We can definitely discount the slow numbers ... the only other factor in question is the flight line is overhead ... I usually try to fly side to side in front so I get a longer run ... your run is shortened by the directional line.

But I think we can say you are definitely up in tthe top category !! I will even concede my 'Crown' to you !! Average of 208.8 + 239.9 = 224kph ..
Bet you enjoyed the adrenaline rush !!

The King is Dead - Long Live the King !

Again .. what set-up ?

Lipo ?
Motor ? kv + size
Prop ? make and size

Wow!! Really??

With all the suspect readings my doppler app was throwing out yesterday morning, I had decided to discount all readings I had taken with it and was expecting someone to come back saying I was doing about 150kph. Then again I had just dropped my phone in the snow in my rush to get set up.

Good to know I'm somewhere near, however there are issues with that video as has mentioned.............

1- I am backing off just after the pass, simply because I didn't have time (brief window of light before work ) to get to a decent flying site and was flying at a local field that didn't really have the room for going all out banzai.

2 - Didn't realise that overhead wasn't the way to go when measuring, I'm stood a little away from the cam + phone so from my POV I am flying side to side, but had always assumed directly over the measuring device would be better.

Those things considered, it's very generous of you to surrender your crown Nigel, perhaps we could share it until either I record some better runs or the inevitable happens and you blow us all out of the sky with your twin beast! For now I am just happy to know I'm "up there".

Set-up -

Airframe strengthened with 6mm carbon strip fanning out from the nose along the length of the plane - 4 strips epoxied into slits cut in the foam, 2 either side of the vent hole, 2 more outside of these. One more running horizontally across the wings. 2mm ply elevons with more 6mm carbon strips just to be sure, hinged with blenderm tape on both sides.

Motor - Turnigy Typhoon 3550kv

Prop - TGS Sport 4.5x4.5E - balanced to within an inch of its life!

ESC - Trusty old Turnigy Plush 40A - probably pushing my luck with a 40A but WOT is only used in bursts and I believe keeping weight to a minimum is key.

Battery - Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 1300mah 45-90C.

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