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Originally Posted by bradymartin View Post
got your pm and thanks for all the info. honestly i dont think im going to be upgrading much maybe only as far as ailerons on this plane. i wanted to fly casually and relax every weekend or so for a couple hours since im so busy with work and other things. im not taking this on as a hobby though i did get a champ for little to no wind and smaller flying areas and thinking about the gamma rtf. so in that case maybe if people here can tell me how many minutes their stock batteries give them i can just time my flights, land a minute earlier and that way the batteries dont deplete past 80%. that way i can use the stock charger. i dont know if that would work though.
FWIW my approach to pretty much everything is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

The charger with your plane is designed to do a job and it does it. It's not flash, and its not particularly quick but it works.

With the exception of ACT (disconnect at all costs), your plane is designed to fly and it does. Well enough to learn the basics of 3 ch RC flight.

Trust me, keep it simple, learn the basics and this will become an all consuming hobby. See my blog entry 'Addiction'

Then you can progress, but you must learn to walk first.

As for Lipo life, I use a timer. On a stock Cub using stock 1300 lipo I fly for 8 minutes of steady flight at half to three quarter throttle with a couple of take off and landings. Generally I have around 43% capacity remaining. (Checked with a watt meter) Plenty for long cell life. Let the battery cool for at least 15 mins before recharging to allow all internal activity to settle.

Enjoy your Cub, it's an excellent simple plane that can be modded until your hearts content once you've mastered the basics.

Happy flying
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