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Thanks. I just wasn't sure which pigtails you meant. Got it. I already have the pack of connectors and wire for now so I'll keep using those, but I'm sure those will come in handy and save some soldering time too. Just have to find the lower cost pigtails. No biggie, and I made some of the corrections on the link from the video I made a while back to just to make sure they don't get plug the wrong way.

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Here is a link. Wow they are expensive ($5 each) there.

I am not actually suggesting you use them, especially at that price. The point was that if you buy a set of pigtails they will all be the same (battery like or ESC like) and what you need to make an extension is a pair that have opposite colored wires like red wire on the large shell female (battery like) on one and black wire on the large shell female (ESC like) on the other. The ones I linked to are colored like an ESC, not like a battery, so they will plug correctly (color wise) into a battery, but not into an ESC.
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