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Hi Guys Long Time on the kk2 Thread.... I just Migrated from a Tricopter to a Quad X ...I was very hopeful That I would get a better and more stable platform as compared to a tricopter as on a quad the motors are directly inline with the axes along which the platform is supposed to I built a quad using the same arms I use for my tricopter..... I ended up with a quad with 50 cm arms so motor to motor distance is 1 meter diagonally.. the result was a pretty big quad...
having DT750 motors with pine wood arms...Hobby King F-30 amps flashed with simonk......5000mAH 20C 4s Turnigy pack...turnigy 9x...with a KK2 control board at the center with a quad X motor layout loaded and all the motors spinning in the right directions (M1 ->.....M2 <-.......M3->....and...... M4<-) all plugged in correctly...... the props are 10x4.7 from Hobby king (all balanced).............the PI settings are adequately tuned according to the videos shown in the starting of this thread...also I have successfully built and flown a tri-copter using the KK2..and It was very stable so I know how to tune the pi settings ...But I was still yearning for more stability so I jumped onto the quad bandwagon...... but even after everything was set up correctly ...when I flew my quad for the first time my quad was inadvertently yawing to the I opened up receiver test and everything was set to zero...then I went to PI editor and increased the yaw P gain and doing that did not solve my problem...on the contrary It caused the motors to change speeds rapidly to maintain yaw orientation but still the craft yawed to the left ...I can upload a video in this regard but still I hope someone here can diagnose my problem....all my motors are working great with nice bearings and everything is fine with the moving parts and the power solder problems ...the thrust provided by all motors is same...Is it a problem with the KK2 code v1.5.....I flew with this code by holding the yaw stick to the right and it flew well and stabilized well along the roll and pitch axes but it was very cumbersome to fly...I went to sensor test and it was fine....the temperature where I live hardly varies from 20*C to 35* I don't see the temperature creating problems for the gyro....I tried to see if small offsets in the custom frame made by me caused a problem..So I checked the angles between the arms... all were 90 degs...also the points at which the motors are placed were perfectly at the corners of the square formed by the motor no problems with the frame either............ ..
The AUW is 1.7 KGs...
Edit: I tried to fly and then trim the yaw axes ...but changing the throttle again created the same problem ...decreasing the throttle below the trimmed throttle level yawed my craft to the right due to the trim ...and increasing the throttle beyond the trimmed value caused it to yaw left please help me guys....
A Little attention here anyone....I am a bit desperate here.......
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