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Originally Posted by brushless55 View Post
I find comment #6 interesting in that thread......

"we have not responded. Figured the mighty FAA would come for a real visit if they actually saw us as a violator or threat. Honestly, the letter feels more like spam and we'll treat it as such until they knock on our door. Maybe they are looking for some sort of self implication as such. It's been more than the time allotted and no contact yet. Who knows....."

Originally Posted by harryarnold View Post
Im sorry. maybe you missed my post.. I didnt see a reply.
i have only asked you for the exact statute that backs up your statement that one has to be a " full scale commercial pilot" to legally fly UAV AP.
I was just curious as i couldn't find the statute/law/rule you represented.

Will you please respond so everyone won't think you are full of it.
Honestly seems like you dont want any competition out here.
Prove me wrong and post the statute.
(not a link to people talking about a statute either !!)

Originally Posted by harryarnold View Post
Then why are you saying you need a "full scale COMMERCIAL pilots license" to legally fly UAV AP?

You seem to agree that full scale doesnt help RC skills. I agree after handing my sticks to several "full-scale pilots".

still waiting for that statute
Originally Posted by vewdew1 View Post
It doesn't exist, but I suspect you already knew that.

Some photographers who do AP on request as a side offering to their normal studio work just hire a pilot/plane to get the shots they need. There's no requirement that I've seen, implied or otherwise, for you to have a pilots license to take aerial photographs for commercial use (unless of course you are the pilot and the photographer both, which is probably not very smart from a safety perspective). Even if you had a pilots license, it would not currently make it ok for you to do commercial RC AP, according to everything the FAA has said so far (publicly). The jist of the situation is that there is currently no regulatory path or specific statutes governing commercial RC AP, which according the FAA makes it illegal by default. This may be debatable, but thus far has gone unchallenged in court.

As ridiculous as it is, that is the situation as I understand it today.
Originally Posted by geekrawker View Post
While i don't have my operation setup full time yet, my competitor in my area has and he's taking the rental/operator fee = free image collection approach. Not sure if this is a legal way to negate the FAA ruling, but he's doing it full time. I've been watching from the bushes to see what happens while i asses the viability of the business model. I have had several companies and even TV stations approach me and want exclusive usage, but i have everything on hold for just a bit longer. I've been at this about 3 years, just waiting to see what the FAA will do while i fine tune the service.

My lawyer seems to think with the insurance in place from Hill & Usher, and no official laws just a PRM, we should be safe to fly until we get a Cease and Desist. Be smart though, no sense in ruining the hobby or this potential gold mine business model for everyone flying stupid. I am not a lawyer and not qualified to give legal advice, just don't be stupid.
Originally Posted by harryarnold View Post
thanks to you and vewdew1 for the intelligent reponses. i agree 101% with your statements.
Collective pitch is a no-go around people. Must have hoover-in-place/failsafe RTH & stabilized birds for AP. period.
Land < 3.5v per cell ANYWHERE near anything that can be damaged.
Line of sight. General flight and landing plan before launch. spotter if you are around people, to spot & keep people from talking to pilot and keep landing zone clear. NOTSAM awareness.
telemetry would be nice to self-police altitude rules (once agreed on) and battery. and so on.

I think we need a list of these commonly agreed items.
Thank God I have learned lessons without hurting anything or anyone, but it would be nice to pool our lessons learned. Thats the kind of mutual cooperation we will need to get to the place the 3D guys are at with acceptable risk & insurance.
Originally Posted by geekrawker View Post
Thanks! i would say land at <3.70 ... had a miss hap with a old pack (hard landing) i try to wrap up when my cells tick past 3.83 now.

RCAPA was a "good try" but they seem to remain inactive. Why don't we re-group on a fresh thread and do what our "beloved" AMA did and establish our own proper set from our real world experience. "we" as a collective group could definitely show a safe commercial operating standard and be a self regulating civilian group if our voice is loud enough. I'm sure the FAA will pass a few laws, but lets face it... the AMA has no interest in this area and have show they are iffy with any FPV system. RAPA remains silent even though they "represent" us members. So who is really fighting for us safe operating APV guys (i like APV, photos are a snap, video has been the super fun challenge)

I agree with the safety comments you made. I do use FPV gear but i fly LOS. I'm awaiting a monocular system. as is, i use a non sealed set of googles atop my hat so i can glance at the live feet from time to time. Spotter yes, but i find he tends to watch the screen more. thoughts on starting a real RCAP national orginization?
I'm just throwing up a post of things I agree with...
and the last few post are very helpful!

lets have fun with this hobby getting the shots and videos other cannot!
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