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I post this link again, because the pics in the pdf are prety good quality and can be inlarged to 400% without major pixeling.
I use the pics to built the hardware for the mast.
The top of the mast has a alu cap, to which all the stays attach. Actually a prety neat idea on a wooden mast.
I took a piece of 1/2 inch copper pipe heated it and than drove it overa pointed
iron rod. That way I widend the pipe so it followed the shape of the mast.
Afterwards I cut the proper length of. Split the top, 8 times, and folded the pieces inward and than silver soldered every thing shut.
Than I toped the pipe with PC-7 Epoxi, put it inthe stove at 200 for 30 minutes, to cure it.
Sanded everything.
Next I drilled 4 holes, 90 degree offset, 10 mm from the top of the pipe and inserted Pekabee eyebolts. Attached nuts on the inside, grinded the threads al the way to the nuts and than filled the pipe about 2mm above the nuts with epoxi.
That should make a very stout anker for all the stays.
Next it will have to be primed and sprayed alu silver.
It is probably not 100% like the original, but close enough.
Schrott is online now Find More Posts by Schrott
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