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I get a lot of emails about "what motors did u use, how are they wound"

The prototype shown in our videos are using a KDA2208 12 slots/14 poles with 80 turns of 0.16mm in a 2-layer star configuration. Other people have used similar sized motors with 60 turns of 0.2mm.

The KDAs are horribly made - magnets are unevenly spaced, so they are less than ideal. I would not recommend them, but they do work.

Its important to use a motor that has as little magnetic "cog" as possible. More poles and slots are probably good. Aim for a resistance of between 5 and 10 ohms per phase, depending on intended load - we got 8ohms on our prototype.

Some motors are nearly impossible to pull apart, because the parts are glued woth epoxy and the windings covered with epoxy.

An MT2208 would be perfect, but I couldnt manage to pull it apart - I guess it was not designed with that in mind - too much epoxy. Its also a rather expensive motor to cannibalize.

A suppo/mystery 2208 can be pulled apart (you need to remove bearings, and heat it up top remove the stator element). Its cheap and should work well, but I have not had time to wind or test one yet.

Scorpion makes several of their motors as kits, some of those may be good candidates for DIY.

But many other motors should work, we can not cover them all and hope that DIY people will share their results. We have seen DT750s, 5010 and some 44xx ala dualsky beeing used on some larger rigs, but can not confirm any of these.

I believe that in Alekseys motor winding video he is using an Emax 2205 and making 60 turns of 0.20mm. The winding tool is made from a syringe and a hypodermic needle.

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