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A brief word about using a 4S on a stock SSS

Originally Posted by soundcheque View Post
That's good info AJ.

Initially I installed external BEC's to remedy the lockout / brownout issues but the overheating of the ESC's is not something I had considered was a factor due to the BEC working hard to power the servos.

Good call on that

Especially as you say on the SSS
Thank you for your kind words. I would also like to caution other folks that the next worst thing to do is to "upgrade" the stock SSS with a 4S LiPo. Here is basically how it works (without any technobabble). An ESC (not all) has to take ~12V and reduce it down to 5V (or 6v depending on the Rx). It does this through a "resistive" design (avoiding TB again). Well, imagine the work the BEC has to do to drop ~16v to 5v (which it will). Can you spell heat?? That is a potential fire waiting to happen with the stock ESC/BEC. So, bottom line guys - please don't just change the 3S to a 4S because it WILL work.,.... perhaps at the peril of a very fine airplane. Oh, I know the above very well because I (and I freely admit it) did something like that (another plane-NOT the SSS). See proof below.
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