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Originally Posted by bradymartin View Post
just received the plane from ups. i was wondering why not just use the stock charger that came with the plane instead of spending another $70 or so on the ac680 plus connector plugs adapters etc.? it says its a balancing charger

this lipo battery charging deal is adding a whole other dimension and is starting to turn me off of rc. i did not know it would be so complicated and looks to be a steep learning curve. i just want to fly a rc plane lol
Guys who are going to stay in the hobby like to know certain information about their batteries to maintain them properly so they last. I don't lose sleep over my cheap sub $5 or $6 lipos... once you get into the larger ones like the ones in the SC they become expensive to replace. One of the top reasons to use a "smart" charger is that it will tell you how much juice (in mah) it put back into your battery... you use that info to make sure you are not discharging them past 80% capacity or they will be ruined over time... You do some test flights, gradually increasing your flight time and use the charger's info to figure out how long to time your flights so that you are practicing the 80% rule for lipo batteries. Once you have it figured out you don't need to keep doing this, but it's good to check it once in a while as your batteries age to see if you might want to adjust/reduce your timer..

If you consistently rely only on the LVC "safety" feature built into the planes and helis I know you have purchased, you WILL ruin your batteries. The factory LVC thresholds are set too low to keep batteries healthy.

That is just ONE of a smart charger's benefits. Another one is the likelihood that, as you grow in the hobby, you will likely need larger and more powerful batteries and a charger that can work with them. Once you get past the entry level Ready to Fly, Bind'n'Fly, Ready to Run etc. type vehicles, neither are likely to come with the vehicle. I was only a couple of months into the hobby before I needed a charger that could charge 2S 5000mah batteries. Once you have one with a good adapter array for it, it makes all your "dumb" chargers obsolete.

by the way, I pm'd you last night... don't know if you are set up for notification of that.
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