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No need to trip amigo. I know what you mean how it seems overwhelming at first. One question leads to more and more questions.

Rock the stock charger till you get sick of waiting for batteries to charge. Most important thing is make sure the plane balances at 2 1/4 inches behind the front of the main wing. Dont get discouraged with crashes. For the first flight its tough because the plane is not perfectly trimmed yet. Try to eyeball the rudder straight. For the elevator have it slightly pointing up. Say like 1mm higher than the rest of the horizontal stabilizer. That way on your first flight you can expect the plane to climb slightly. After you takeoff try to get the plane high in the air at about mid throttle. Let go of the right stick and watch what the plane does. Trim accordingly to make it fly straight and level. Once the plane is trimmed if you give the throttle full blast the plane will climb. If you reduce throttle the plane will nose down.
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