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Originally Posted by Reegor View Post
I have a Hitec radio system, and I still use external BECs as well as using the direct-to-battery power for the RX. Admittedly, this is overkill since the RX power is good down to about 4? volts. That is, a 3S battery would have to be way beyond dead and the RX would keep going. The RX is powered off the main battery, in parallel with the ESC power. This also gives automatic real-time telemetry of the main battery voltage, which allows longer flight times.

Given how well the Hitec system has been working, I am now putting BECs only on my larger planes where I expect lots of servo load.
That's cool Reegor
It was a decision between Futaba and Hitec and at the last minute I went for Futaba as the Hitec RX antenna kind of put me off. Petty I know
However. I only use 6 channel units so no major funds needed.
If the Futaba system works OK I'll hang on to it but may consider a hitec unit in the future. I really like their features even on the 6 channel TX.
It has everything there as standard for crow braking on the SSS.
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