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Originally Posted by grimbeaver View Post
Simon I still find it kind of puzzling that the "park flyer" is the one with the full plastic case while the full range has the lexan case. Seems backwards, or at minimum they should both have the lexan case.

Be curious to know what's actually different that makes the Minima S shorter range. They never show the antennas in the photos. Is it a different chip? Either way find it hard to believe the manufacturing cost is that different.
On the RF Chipset that Hitec and others use (the TI CC2500), usually the difference between full range and park flyer range is a little chip called a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). The LNA is exactly that, a amplifer that boosts the incoming signal so the receiver is more sensitive.

Here is a picture of the LNA on my Hitec Minima 6T:

The Purple square is the Microcontroller (does the computing) and RF IC - the Minima uses one chip for both, unlike a lot of other receivers that use two separate ICs. The Blue box is the antenna switch, to allow the Microcontroller decide which antenna to use. The Green box is the LNA (Low Noise Amplifer) to boost the incoming signal. The Red lines is the path that the 2.4GHz signal can travel.

So I would expect the Minima 6S to not have the LNA on its PCB.

Price difference?
Well lets choose a typical LNA suitable for 2.4GHz, the RF Micro Devices SGL-0622.
Current prices:
Qty	[Price for each part]
1+	$0.65
100+	$0.58
750+	$0.55
You'll also need to add the cost of the extra RF matching components and the cost of placing it on the board. So you could safely add $1 to the build cost.

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