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I did receive a PM from someone who has this plane and he said it does snap quite nicely, tumbles and pop tops not so much. Which is fine, it is a very nice looking plane and seems to hold a line very nicely and I may still add it to my fleet at some point, but I'm really holding out for one with a scale fuse since I think it will fly with a more balsa like characteristic. I know EPP will never quite fly just like balsa but I also know that they can get close enough that they can be a good enough substitute for learning and developing skills that more easily transfer to balsa which will work well for me. I don't know if you are planning anything like this but I think it would be an excellent idea. Thanks for listening to my opinion, I think this type of design will be the next hot thing and will make someone a ton of money with the right design. The reason why I would like an
MXS is for the added pitch control needed for the real extreme maneuvers and this might help the EPP overcome the difficulty in tumbling etc.
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