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Hi Steve,

I removed the plastic film from the underside of my first set of innerpanels. This way I could see a lot of spots where the gluing was missing or insuficient.
I can say that I'm very lucky my wings didn't seize during the few flights I was able to make till then.

I contacted my dealer and showed him some pictures of my wing. I did get a free set of the latest wing panels, I believe reinforced the same way as the replacements parts in the USA.

The reinforcements in the newest wings are described in different forums all over the world, no need to open those up. As far as I know the shear web did get doubled till about the air brake area. In my view this doesn't add much strength but you don't see the open triangles anymore. And then there is a new aluminium tube running just in front of the rear Aluminium joiner tube till about half way the length of this inner panel.

I did open up the root rib of my first wing to find where the hidden Aluminium tube in the D-box is situated. I could make a picture of this. Both tubes don't start at the root rib. The front one starts at the second rib, the new tube (can easily be seen through the square opening in the root) in the rear starts at the second rib. I'm planning to extend both tubes so they start at the root and fill them up with carbon over their full length.
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