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[QUOTE=MaladroitFL;23917410]Gee whiz, I'm gonna go fly in the 16 mph wind just so we can have a new post 'round here!

I get worried about you all.

Did The Capt. get his fingers frozen onto his tx and get admitted to a hospital?

Did Lee get busted when "them Revenuers" located his moonshine still?

Are the Legacy Park flyers snowed-in and watching "Napoleon Dynamite" over & over?

Did Ridge start lake flying and, if so, did he fall through the ice?

Where are y'all?


Mac... I'm still doing fine, just staying inside, trying to stay warm, watching it snow snow snow! Single digits here, brrrrrrr! Also try'n to stay away from people as to not get this bad bug going around (flu). If I get it I don't know if I would make it through it. I'm a smoker, and could get pneumonia. My immune system is not the greatest anymore being an old fart ya know.

All the rest of you... I have been enjoying and watching all your comments and videos, and you all are doing a fine job on them! Wish I could contribute some for you all. Maybe this spring I can get some done up. I plan to fly my radian with the 808 on it. I had it since middle of last summer just didn't know if I was ready for it so I flew the he out of the champ and little t-28. Got around 40 hours actual flight time on them, and they are both in great shape and ready to go when the fingers get unthawed up here in the north.

Ridge... Did you find a place to make your cap? Do you know what you want done on one? Next month I will be having some done for me by a friend who does this professionally. Cost me around 20 bucks and I furnish the cap. Might be able to get one done and send it to you... Capt'n
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