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Alternative: A Potential Bug: Inverted Mounting?

A while back I posted a question about a previously working Guardian, when the model was flying in 3D and I switched to 2D, abruptly went inverted (perfectly level, just inverted.)

It turns out that this is a potential bug that will be corrected in a future firmware release.

APPARENT CAUSE: The Guardian is mounted inverted in the belly of my model (so the pots are still readily accessible) AND a "level/trim reset" (AKA single toggle between 2D/3D) takes place EARLY in the 15 second window. Early appears to be roughly within the first four or five seconds, IIRC.

WORKAROUND: Wait 'till near the end of the 15 second window (I've been waiting 'till just past 10 seconds) and then perform the toggle/level reset.

This seems to work, but the first time it happened, and I was able to repeat it, at the field, it sure increased my pucker factor. Fortunately, I was three mistakes high and when I messed up a maneuver and switched on 2D, rolling to level, albeit inverted, was OK, just disconcerting. :-)

On the bench, before resetting level near the END of the window, placing the model in a upright, level, attitude, then switching on the Guardian in 2D mode, would immediately displace the ailerons as it attempted to roll to an incorrect inverted level position. If I manually rolled the plane inverted, the ailerons neutralized...

I was grateful for EagleTree support when this happened. Apparently, when first setting up the model, I was slow in toggling the reset and hence I inadvertently was following the "workaround". After a few flights, I wanted to reset both trims and level, but this time I apparently was much quicker... :-)

Originally Posted by Retiredtech View Post
I suspect the plane has moved from the position it was in when you did the 'level/trim' setup. When in 2D mode, the Guardian seeks to find the position it was in (level flight) at that 'setup time', thus moving the control surfaces to a position required to accomplish this. Either that or the new ‘level/trim’ setup didn’t take.

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