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Originally Posted by fotoflyer View Post
I have read through most of these 2955 posts but don't remember any comments that would answer my questions. So I apologize if this has already been covered.

I just got my Guardian 2D/3D and I have it installed on a foam profile plane, about 30 inch wingspan. It only has elevator and aileron controls, no rudder. My TX is a spectrum DX8. The elevator and aileron cables were connected so the corresponding signals go through the Guardian. I then connected the Mod cable from the Guardian to the Gear output of my RX, and connected the Gain cable to the Aux1 output of my RX. The Rud and Aux cables from the Guardian were left dangling.

Viewing the Monitor screen on my DX8 - when I set the Flap/Gyro switch to position 0 the monitor shows GER (Gear) to be +100%. With the switch in position 1 (center position), the monitor shows midpoint. With the switch in position 2, the monitor shows -100%.

The knob on the top right of the TX, marked Aux3 is used to adjust the master gain. With that knob turned fully counter-clockwise, the monitor shows Aux1 to be +100%. Turning the knob to it's center position shows the Aux1 to be centered. Turning the knob all the way clockwise and the Aux1 on the monitor goes to -100%. (This seems backwards to me, normally turning a knob clockwise increases the setting. Maybe there is a way to reverse this??)

OK, now for the real-world test. When I powered up my TX then my RX, there were some strange things going on but I finally got the Guardian set up like this. I set the Gain (Aux3 knob) to it's center position and I assume that is 50% master gain. I then set the individual gains of the aileron and elevator pots on the Guardian to a position where they seemed to do what they are supposed to do and there is no oscillations and no servo twitching when I set the plane down.

With the Flap/Gyro switch in the center position (1) the Guardian is turned off and the plane operates as nornal. When I move the switch to the 0 position (up) the Guardian comes to life in what certainly to me looks like the 2D mode. (The manual says this position puts it in 3D mode, so I'm confused by that).

But here's the kicker! When I flip the Flap/Gyro switch to the 2 postion (down), the ailerons rapidly move to full deflection and stay there until I set the switch back to the 1 (center) position, or 0 (up) position. So what have I done wrong here? That rapid, full drive to the end of the servo travel scares me. In flight that would mean instant destruction, but even on the bench, the movement and noise makes me jump! I have GOT to fix this.

I had something similar in one set-up.
It turned out that position 2 was 2D & I HAD FAILED TO DO A LEVEL + TRIM RESET.
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